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A few words about me

Child Sleep Training Ltd is run by myself, Ellen Sahoy, a fully trained sleep trainer and maternity nurse with an up to date DRB check, Pediatric First Aid and full insurance.

My experience with working with children is approaching 30 years. I have worked with children in various roles as a Nanny, Crèche Worker, and Maternity Nurse both in the UK and abroad.

In 2013 I qualified as a Maternity Nurse which has enabled me to pursue my role as a Sleep Trainer and Trouble Shooter as I started working with families with newborns helping with feeds at night and helping with settling and routines. This progressed to working with families with children who were experiencing sleep issues, the age range is from 4 months and up to 5 years.

I will teach your child to be confident and feel secure in their bed, giving them continuity, stability and the establishment of a better bedtime routine. The techniques used are gentle and bespoke to each child as they are all individuals and require different methods.

Please read people’s remarks about my service throughout the site. Certificates can be provided on request.

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Sleep Training

  • Child from 4 months old

  • Child from 6 months

    £750.00 +
  • Child from 2 years

    £950.00 +
  • Twins

    From £1300.00 – £1800

The service I offer is bespoke, so is individual to each child.

The sleep training is for up to 5 nights, generally the hours will be from 9pm until 6.30am Sunday to Thursday.

If you require me to come earlier on an evening, extra hours can be arranged by mutual agreement.

Throughout the night, I will attend to your child and I will never leave your child to cry, I will only leave the room once your child is asleep.

After each night a full written log will be emailed to you, this gives you exactly what has happened through the night and as the night’s progress I will give detailed advice and tips for you to follow on for naps in the day and for the nights thereafter.

I will be at hand to help with any queries and concerns during the training and afterwards.

Whilst every effort will be made to implement and promote a positive approach to sleep, it will also be up to the parents to continue with the positive techniques instructed by myself to ensure on going success.

A few tips to aid better sleep

A Daily Routine
A Good Blackout Blind
Maintain a Good Room Temperature
Don’t Prolong Bedtime Routine
Ensure your child has eaten well during the day


This can be either done in your home or clients further afield a Skype consultation can be arranged.

Consultations can be arranged for during the day or on an evening.

This service gives the parents an opportunity to discuss problems and concerns they may be experiencing. I will then be able to offer advice, support and guidance.

My support will then continue after the consultation. Consultations are for parents who require help, but are happy to implement the advice given to them.

After the consultation, further telephone or email support is available. This is recommended to support the parents and to help with the continuation of advice given.

  • Home Consultation for up to two hours

sleep trainer
  • Skype Consultation (only for clients 60+ miles away). Up to two hours.

A few Recommended books

The Baby Whisperer, Tracy Hogg
Solving Children’s Sleep Problems, Lyn Quine
Baby to Toddler Month to Month, Caroline Fertleman


Does the Sleep Training always take 5 nights?

The Sleep Trainer is booked for up to 5 nights so in some case’s the training can be completed before the 5th night.

Have you ever had to work extra nights to complete the training?

No, I have never had to extend the training. I am however at hand to continue with supporting the family after booking has been completed.

Has the Sleep Training ever not worked?

No, because good foundations have been implemented. When the training is completed the parent will receive good clear instructions on the techniques and methods used that should be continued thereafter.

Will my child be traumatized during and after this process?

No, because your child will be given comfort, reassurance and attention throughout the whole process of the Sleep Training and your child will never be left to cry.

Will there be a lot of crying?

There of course will be some crying but with the guidance that is given the cries are never prolonged. I will always attend to your baby/child until they have fallen asleep.

What happens if my child falls ill before or during the training?

If your child falls ill before the training it is best to reschedule, it’s not fair for your child to start the training. Your child should be in good health before the training commences. If your child falls ill during the training, the training will have to stop and nights will have to be rescheduled.

For the first time in 5 months, I feel in control of my life again, my baby is much more playful and alert during the day as he is getting a great night’s sleep. Amazing!! I really couldn’t recommend Ellen highly enough as her techniques are gentle, kind and brilliantly effective.


My child adjusted amazingly and Ellen worked out very quickly just what would work for her. There was minimal upset and she is already a much happier little girl, we subsequently are much happier parents. Not only did Ellen help with the sleep, but she was happy to chat about areas of our daily life and routine, making useful suggestions all the way. We have both been totally surprised and delighted by Ellen’s methods and results.


Her no nonsense approach resonated with us immediately and her meticulous note taking throughout the night was informative and reassuring. Ellen has imposed a good routine and I feel confident going forward and that we have been equipped with the tools to aid a good night’s sleep.


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